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Craig is a fervent promoter of the American rural lifestyle. With his wife, Megan, he is raising and homeschooling a house-full of children in very-rural Missouri.

Craig has 25 years of relationships and experience in hands-on managing/improving large, up-scale properties for recreation, equestrian, weekend rentals, renter management, wildlife, food plots, hunting, fishing, water and creek quality, livestock, livestock exclusion, and timber.

Craig is also an experienced marketer, having produced ads and magazines for many well-known companies, for almost a decade in his earlier years. Craig performed the photography, copywriting, art, and layout for countless large companies, including fulfilling the position of art director and production manager for several St. Louis based magazines and projects.

Craig has been an entrepreneur for 28 years, and has - out of necessity - dealt with all the ups and downs, and in-so-doing has perfected the art of deals and negotiations.

Craig received an invitation to team up with the nation's largest, best, oldest, most experienced real estate team for  LIFESTYLE,  LAND, & COUNTRY PROPERTIES  - United Country Realty, by an affilliate, Mark James, who is the owner/broker of Results Realty and Auction (Rolla and Camdenton, Mo.).

Craig will work closely with this incredible team to power-market your property to thousands of potential buyers nationwide.

Learn more about Craig:    Chances are that you know Craig already.

If you do or if you don't know Craig, here is a more complete picture:

Rock Island Trades, LLC

Please feel free to visit Rock Island And after you review, (and you get to know Craig even better) be sure to click the link that returns you here - because...

... Craig is here to talk about REAL ESTATE. 

(Quotes below are testimonials that pre-date Craig's real estate career.)

Call Craig:  573-821-0575


"United Country Results Realty and Auction found Craig's family when he was shopping for the right piece of property to fit his family's needs. Craig tells me that it was precisely the right piece of property at the right time. While working with Craig, I discovered his skill-set and suggested he become a realtor for my company." Mark James - Broker/Owner, United Country Results Realty and Auction, Rolla and Camdenton, Mo.


"Craig has managed our property, lodge and rental service for over 10 years. He is always diligent and timely getting things done the right way. Also, the renters really enjoy his knowledge and how he takes care of them." - K. Amant, Co-owner, Land Organization LLC, St. Louis, Mo.


"We have trusted Craig with the caretaking of our 375-acre recreational, hunting/fishing, timber, wildlife, and livestock property since 2005." - Matt Renner, President of National Real Estate Management, St. Louis, Mo.


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